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圣彼得学院saint peter's college



'Everything dies baby that's a fact <BR>But maybe everything that dies someday comes back <BR>Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty<BR>and meet me tonight in Atlantic City' <BR>The lyrics of local musician Bruce Springsteen sum up the ever-troubled gambling town of Atlantic City - it ruled, it died and it's wearily struggling to come back. But plucky revival efforts to spruce the place up can't hide the fact that Atlantic City is an overdeveloped, disheveled, aging beauty who had it all and let it go to waste.<BR>At it's height the city was the vacation destination for playboys and starlets, but the vestiges of these high times are crumbling beside bold new casinos. The Boardwalk - the world's first - has become an odd collection of fortress-like casinos punctuated by T-shirt stands and gyros stands. After years of experimenting with gambling, the city is still waiting to see how the dice fall.<BR>Population: 38,000<BR>Area: 1147 sq mi (2,940 sq km)<BR>State: New Jersey<BR>Time Zone: Eastern Time (GMT/UTC minus 5 hours)<BR>Telephone area code: 609</P><P>Attractions<BR>The Boardwalk<BR>Atlantic City's famous Boardwalk was the first in the world, built in 1870 by local business owners who wanted to cut down on sand being tracked into hotel lobbies by guests returning from the beach. Alexander Boardman came up with the idea, and the long stretch of planks became known as Boardman's Walk - later shortened to 'Boardwalk.' The Boardwalk is still the lifeline of the city and the path that leads to all doors. It runs along an 8mi (13km) stretch of beach where visitors sunbathe, picnic and swim.<BR>If you're interested in losing some serious currency or just want to check out the grand gambling halls, there are several along the the Boardwalk. Showboat Casino Hotel has a riverboat-themed interior, while the superextravagant Trump Taj Mahal boasts nine gigantic limestone elephants to greet its guests. It is easily recognised by the 70 bright minarets crowning the rooftops. If you're new to the roulette wheel, try Claridge Casino Hotel, which has low-stakes tables and is just one block west of the Boardwalk.</P><P>Convention Hall<BR>The site of the Miss America Pageant was the largest auditorium in the world without interior roof posts or pillars when it opened in 1929. If there's not an event going on, take a look at the superb interior of the main hall, and the 33,112 pipe organ, the largest of its kind in the world. The pageant began in 1921 and each year Miss America contestants line up for publicity shots amid the columns by the Convention Hall's entrance. College basketball tournaments, and antique and flower shows take place at the hall during winter months.</P><P>Steel Pier<BR>The best known of Atlantic City's ocean piers, Steel Pier opened on the Boardwalk in 1898. Full of attractions, the pier once required formal evening dress and offered 16 hours of continuous entertainment for one bargain admission price. Although some of the country's biggest bands, TV stars and vaudeville acts appeared at the pier, for 40 years one of the biggest draws was the High Diving Horse, a noble steed whose party trick was to dive into the ocean. Today, the pier is still a gigantic amusement park, with 25 different rides dropping, spinning or sliding bodies this way and that.</P><P>Atlantic City Historical Museum & Miller Art Center<BR>Situated on the restored Garden Pier, the Atlantic City Historical Museum takes a look at the city's colorful past and houses lots of Miss America memorabilia. The museum is also a stark reminder that in its heyday Atlantic City had a a lot going for it. It was where such stars as Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra and Duke Ellington headlined and a fellow named Charles Darrow created the game 'Monopoly' using the names of fancy Atlantic City properties. The arts center, on the north of the pier, has a revolving program of exhibits that includes regional and local art.</P><P>Gardiners Basin & Smuggler's Cove<BR>This is the city's new hot spot, as the site of the new Mirage Casino and several uber-luxury homes that come with two boat slips each for your yacht and your spare yacht. The inlet was used to transport illegal hooch into the nightclubs during Prohibition, which is the origin of the Smuggler's Cove name.<BR>There are several casinos within an easy walk from the marina, such as the art-deco themed Trump Marina and the new kid on the block, Le Jardain Palais.</P><P>Ripley's Believe It or Not<BR>With a large world globe as a wrecking ball splitting this building in half, it would be difficult to miss this museum of oddities. Exhibits are based on Ripley's comic strips about natural curiosities and eerie coincidences, which makes this a great place to take kids who love the strange or odd. There are regular traveling displays that change frequently, but always feature the Ripley's trademark weirdness.<BR>











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